About Us

Situated in Karaköy’s French Passage, 333km might seem only like a showroom from the outside. However, besides being a showroom, it is also the design studio where exhibited products are envisioned and the workshop where the prototypes for the products are built. And all is under one roof.

Founded by Deniz Duru in 2011, the design and production process in 333km proceeds with the combined intellectual, visual, practical knowledge and craftsmanship of designers, architects, engineers and furniture experts. A product is finalized by generating multiple models through the interaction of the design studio and the workshop. This collaboration increases the understanding of material and initiates the production of new designs. In this way, 333km hopes to overcome the disconnectedness between the design and production process.

333km’s design understanding favors ergonomy and functionality, no matter how small or large the scale of the product is. Small scale designs from chopping boards to lamps and larger scale designs from sport centers to cinemas are all thought within the same frame.

Moreover, the fact that the design studio is situated in Karaköy provides an endless repertoire of opportunity and inspiration with its historical identity and an evident proximity to material, the focus of design and production.